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Virginia Blueberry & Lavender Shrub

Virginia Blueberry & Lavender Shrub

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Virginia Blueberry & Lavender Shrub is a brilliant combination of Virginia grown Blueberries and fresh garden herbs extracted in raw Virginia honey and raw organic apple cider vinegar. This bright indulgence imparts botanical bliss to your crafty beverages.

The aromatics of Lavender blossoms, Sage and Tulsi combined with the fruity brilliance of Blueberries, make this delightful to sip straight, mix into bubbly water or slip into a tasty craft beverage.

Infused with the finest botanicals, Virginia Blueberry & Lavender Shrub is a concentrated syrup made with top-notch ingredients. Our small-batch artisanal process is true to the craft of herbalism and gives life to a lovely honey-sweetened drinking vinegar with the healthful benefits of Blueberries and garden herbs.

Ingredients:  Raw Apple Cider Vinegar*, Raw Honey, Blueberries, Sage, Tulsi, Lavender, Lemon*

*Denotes Organic Ingredient

What is a Shrub? A concentrated syrup made from fruits, herbs & spices, apple cider vinegar, and sweetener. 

Available in 4oz bottles