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Springtime Violet Vinegar

Violet begins blooming in the Spring, and a most gorgeous Violet vinegar can be made by infusing Violet flowers in white balsamic vinegar. The lavender liquid is so beautiful, it begs to be used on salads and to be added to water to sip on throughout the day. Violet is specific to “comfort and strengthen the heart.”


4oz jar
white balsamic vinegar
handful of fresh Violet flowers 
honey, optional


In a clean, dry 4oz jar, add Violet flowers to roughly fill half of the jar. Pour enough white balsamic vinegar over the flowers to completely cover, leaving about ¼ of headspace from the top rim of the jar. Cover with a plastic lid*. Shake the jar each day, or as you are able. After one to two weeks, strain the flowers from the liquid. Enjoy as is, or add a part of honey to make an Oxymel. Add your Violet vinegar to salads, roasted veggies, sparkling and flat water. 

*If you do not have a plastic lid, place a piece of parchment paper covering the top opening of the jar and screw on the metal lid. Vinegar may corrode metal, by adding the parchment paper, the vinegar will not have contact with the metal lid.