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Welcome Fall

Hand spooning honey into tea with a bowl of apples nearby


The Autumn Equinox is upon us. After a Summer of dry spells and high temperatures, a change of weather is welcomed and I look forward to cooler days and nights. 

Stepping into the first days of Autumn with the sun still on our back, it’s a helpful time to replenish our kitchen apothecary for the shorter days ahead. Autumn weather brings dryness and increasingly cooler temperatures, and coming off a Summer in Virginia that lacked moisture, moistening foods and herbs for respiratory health are top of mind.

The respiratory system is particularly vulnerable in Fall, and by adding supportive plants to our routines, we can naturally  increase our body’s resilience. Herbs like Mullein, Thyme, Elderflower, Ginger, Elderberry, Dandelion Root, Orange Peel, Marshmallow and spices of Cinnamon and Cardamom are beneficial to have on hand, to be combined into tea blends, generously added to soup stock or liberally mixed into foods. Even a simple tea of Mullein with a bit of honey can soothe a dry throat.

Having herbal preparations, such as Elderberry Syrup and Fire Cider, at the ready or taken daily is another consideration for the changing season. Elderberry syrup is known for its antiviral and antibacterial properties, acting to shorten the duration and intensity of colds and flu. Fire Cider is a traditional folk remedy for staving off Fall ailments. This potent brew is an exceptional support for the respiratory system. Elderberry syrup and Fire Cider contain flavors and dynamic plant nutrients; these food as medicine preparations are both remedial and delicious! 

If you’d like to learn more about Fire Cider, join us for an outdoor Fire Cider Make & Take class, on September 30th in Charlottesville at Orzo. 

Let the plant world ease the transition to Autumn. Try new herbs in tea blends, make Reishi Vegetable Broth to have near at hand in the freezer, and rely on old botanical friends for continued support.

Happy Autumn Equinox!