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Pear Maple Bourbon Cider

Our seasonal shrub, Pear Maple Cardamom, pairs handsomely with a hard dry cider, bourbon, or hot tea. Both cocktails and mocktails benefit from the fruity and herbaceous flavors of shrubs. Try Pear Maple Bourbon Cider, made with or without spirits*, as a festive brew for get-togethers. Shop Shrubs here.


½ ounce RR&Co Pear Maple Cardamom Shrub 

2oz ginger beer 

4oz dry hard cider 

1oz bourbon

fresh rosemary sprig 


Measure bourbon and RR&Co Pear Maple Cardamom Shrub into a rocks glass. Add ice, as desired. Pour hard cider and ginger beer into glass. Blend drink with rosemary sprig (important to impart the essence of rosemary in drink). Leave rosemary in the drink for both flavor and garnish.

*For a sans spirit option, try substituting sparkling apple cider for hard cider and lemon sparkling water for the bourbon.